What is healthy food?

A couple of weeks ago a friend called me to ask me what I was doing to get rid of my arthritis.  She had just been told she had a form of arthritis.  She eats pretty good and so she would not need to change much.   I suggested she look at ingredients of what she eats and she would be surprised.  Many people have talked to my husband and I about what we eat and how we feel.  Most of us don’t know where to start.  I would like to challenge you to spend this next week looking at the ingredients of what you are eating.  Does it have ingredients you can not pronounce or have you heard of these ingredients?  Do they have sugar? High Fructose corn syrup?  Preservatives?  White flour?  Anything you can’t pronounce or heard of?  Chemicals?

I saw a clip on the Dr. Oz show a couple of years ago about an ingredient that is in soda and sports drinks. It is called brominated vegetable oil, or BVO.  BVO was originally created as a flame retardant. (google ingredients in Gatorade) It was used in children’s clothes and mattresses!  Does that seem crazy to you?  The reason they put it in these drinks is they found that it helps keep the flavor and color spread evenly throughout the drink.  Researchers link this ingredient to organ damage, neurological issues and even birth defects.  Does this concern you?  It does me.  Many countries have banned this ingredient but we have not.  What else is in the food we are eating?

It is not cheap to eat healthy.  I have thought about this many times.  Why is it expensive to buy something that has less ingredients in it?  I was at Costco today and one of the samples was a flavored pop chip or something.   I was hungry and made the mistake of grabbing one.  It did not taste like food!

Yes, your taste buds will change!  One day our daughter said “You people have changed my taste buds!  I think this food tastes good but it probably isn’t because it is healthy!”  I think she is right.  We have trained our taste buds to like this junk and now it is time to train them to like the good stuff.


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