Benefits of Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil

A lot of my recipes call for Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  Coconut oil is so good for you!  I feel like it is one of the things that has helped me with my inflammation and pain.

Ideally you should eat about 2 tablespoons a day.  That may sound like a lot but as you start to cook with it you might be surprised at how often you can put it in your diet.

Here is a list of some of the benefits that I feel are important.

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Benefits of Raw Honey


Dr. Ron Fessenden, M.D., M.P.H says the average American consumes more than 150 pounds of refined sugar, plus an additional 62 pounds of high fructose corn syrup every year!  On average in the U.S. 1.3 pounds of honey are consumed per year.  This should be the other way around.

If my recipes call for a sweetener I use raw honey.  If I can not use honey instead of sugar then I don’t make it.  It is the very best sweetener out there.  There are so many health benefits from honey.

Honey has vitamins, trace enzymes, amino acids, and minerals like calcium, iron, sodium chlorine, magnesium, phosphate, and potassium.

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I want to talk a minute about the food we eat and nutrition.  There are so many “diets” out there.  You hear eggs are good for you.  No, eggs are not good for you.  Gluten free is the way to go.  Grains are healthy.  Carbs are good.  Carbs are not good.  Meat is healthy.  Meat is unhealthy.  Butter is good.  Butter is not good for you.  We can go on and on with the things we hear and the contradictions we hear.

This is how I feel about nutrition and the food you eat.  First, is it natural or man made?  Anything natural is good for you as long as it has not been altered or processed.  Basically, is it in it’s whole form.

I have fibromyalgia and arthritis.  I have been able to put it in remission for over 6 years.  You can read about how I started on this path here.

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