I want to talk a minute about the food we eat and nutrition.  There are so many “diets” out there.  You hear eggs are good for you.  No, eggs are not good for you.  Gluten free is the way to go.  Grains are healthy.  Carbs are good.  Carbs are not good.  Meat is healthy.  Meat is unhealthy.  Butter is good.  Butter is not good for you.  We can go on and on with the things we hear and the contradictions we hear.

This is how I feel about nutrition and the food you eat.  First, is it natural or man made?  Anything natural is good for you as long as it has not been altered or processed.  Basically, is it in it’s whole form.

I have fibromyalgia and arthritis.  I have been able to put it in remission for over 6 years.  You can read about how I started on this path here.

Lets start with nuts and seeds.  I don’t know of a nut that is not good for you (unless of course you are allergic to them). Nuts have a lot of fat in them so some diets tell you not to eat them for this reason.  There is nothing wrong with fat as long as it is good fat.  Also, most raw nuts are the best but roasted nuts with a little sea salt on them are good too.

Grains – Grains are good for you in their whole form.  Diets tell you to stay away from carbs.  There are two different kinds of carbs from grains.  Simple carbs are the carbs you want to avoid.  They come from white flour.  Whole grains are complex carbs.  They are the good carbs.  There are a lot of grains out there.  You can cook them.  Grind them into flour.  Crack them.  Just don’t process them.   🙂

Fruits & Vegetables – In this category of course everything is great to eat.  Eat a lot of fruits & vegetables!  Challenge your self to eat as many as you can in a day.

Oil – Traditional oils include extra virgin coconut oil, olive oil and palm oil.

It took me two weeks to begin to feel better.  It takes an adjustment to change what you eat.  You may have heard the phrase “You are what you eat.”   It is so true!  What you eat makes a big difference in how you feel.  If you feed your body good things you will be rewarded with energy, strength, and health.

I would like to challenge you to spend this next week looking at the ingredients of what you are eating.  Does it have ingredients you can not pronounce or have you heard of these ingredients?  Do they have sugar? High Fructose corn syrup?  Preservatives?  White flour?  Anything you can’t pronounce or heard of?  Chemicals?

Our bodies were made for food.  Our bodies break down food and use the nutrients in the food.  These chemicals are not food.  Our bodies do not know what to do with them.

Yes, your taste buds will change!  One day our daughter said “You people have changed my taste buds!  I think this food tastes good but it probably isn’t because it is healthy!”  I think she is right.  We have trained our taste buds to like this junk and now it is time to train them to like the good stuff.

It takes time to adjust.  Be patient with yourself.  Don’t give into the cravings for at least 6 months.  After that when you eat it it will do nothing for you.  You will feel it in your stomach.




I would love to hear what you think or if you have questions

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