LuLu’s Breakfast Burritos

My mother-in-law, LuLu, gave me this delicious recipe for breakfast burritos.  It is perfect for a crowd or to freeze and have on hand when you need a quick meal.

My mother-in-law has affectionately been called LuLu by her children, grandchildren, in laws, etc. for years.  Anyways, she has made this for her family when they go visit her and all have really enjoyed it.

LuLu's Breakfast Burritos

These breakfast burritos are great to eat right away or make ahead and freeze them.

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Pumpkin Waffles

I love adding pumpkin to common recipes!  Pumpkin adds a different flavor to ordinary everyday food.  These pumpkin waffles will not disappoint.  They are yummy and filling!

I  also have a pumpkin pancake recipe that I shared here.  The pancakes are yummy as well.

This pumpkin waffles recipe is made like an old fashioned recipe.  I have not made waffles the old fashioned way in a while because it is a little more work but the extra work is worth it!  They are so yummy!

Pumpkin Waffles

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