Pomegranate Salad

Pomegranate salad, traditionally known as Dixie salad, is my husband’s family Thanksgiving tradition.  It is so yummy!

If you typically have some kind of fruit salad with your Thanksgiving dinner, try something new this year.

The name, Dixie salad, came about because more than 150 years ago the people in Southern Utah, known as Dixie, made this salad.  In Southern Utah, at Thanksgiving time, the pecans are falling out of the trees and are ready to eat.  Pomegranates are ripe.  And, of course, anywhere you go the apples are ready.  So why not make a salad using these ingredients that are readily available!

Pomegranate Salad | Dixie Salad

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Mexican Salad

This Mexican Salad recipe takes care of so many food groups and nutrition.  Your tummy and body will thank you for it!

I love to go to Mexican grill restaurants like Chipotle, FreeBirds, Cafe Rio, Costa Vida and order their salad.  It’s like a burrito with lettuce and without the tortilla!

I am not a huge lettuce fan but I do really like salads when they are made with a lot of healthy ingredients.  With lots of ingredients the lettuce tastes so much better!

Mexican Salad

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Easy, Healthy Salad Dressing

I use to eat salad only if I could have lots of salad dressing on the salad.  When we changed our diet to consist of healthy food without the sugar salad dressing was no more.  I did not like eating salad anymore.  I felt like I was being fed rabbit food.  I had lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes with out salad dressing.  Not a lot of flavor.

Now I love to make salad and eat salad!  You can be creative in the toppings you put on it. The possibilities are endless!

You also need a good salad dressing.  Salad dressing adds a lot of flavor to a good salad.

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