My Journey to Eating Healthier

My Journey to Eating Healthier

In the summer of 2007 I started feeling pain all over my body.  I thought it was my thyroid being off kilter again.  After blood tests we determined my thyroid was fine.  My doctor told me to go to a rheumatalogist.  My doctor’s mother had fibromyalgia and she thought maybe I could have it too.

After a lot of tests I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.  The arthritis was in my back.  Of course the doctor wanted to prescribe medication for the pain and inflammation.

I am not a huge fan of medication because of the side affects so I chose not to take any medicine.   As the years went by the pain got worse.  My back and neck always hurt from the arthritis.  My whole body hurt from the fibromyalgia.

I could not stand at the sink and do dishes with my back the way it was.  The all over pain was not a picnic either.  My husband would give me a little love pat on my hip and it felt like he hit me.  I did not want my children to snuggle with me or touch me because I hurt.  That was not good for my family.

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